《Talk Like TED》- 英文读书会 3.23

Wed, 23 Mar 2016 19:00:00 GMT ~ Wed, 23 Mar 2016 21:00:00 GMT
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书虫英文 - BRT English Reading Club



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Mar 9th,是我们《Talk Like TED》的第一期活动。在这一期里,有几个问题是大家一起思考的:

Do you know TED Talks?

What is your impression on TED Talk?

Why TED Talks so special and widely spread?

What is the Psychology behind TED Talks?



What can I learn from TED Talks?

How can I deliver a better speech?

How can I not be nervous on the public presentation?

What makes a great Presentation?

How can I be outstanding?



"To be humorous" same as "make jokes"?

"a good speaker" equal to "a good conversationalist"?

"it's all about technics" or "it's the heart which matters"?

"fake it then you make it" or "fake it until you make it"?

"Practice, Practice, and Practice"?





Looking Forward:


Mar23th, 《Talk Like TED》第2期

outstanding 的“你”


Join US in BRT!

----****  If you want to know more ****----

about the Book 《Talk Like TED》

"The key part of the TED format is that we have humans connecting to humans in a direct and almost volunerable way. You're on stage naked, so to speak. The talks that work best are the ones where people can really sense that humanity. "

The Book introduces 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the top minds. By watching countless presentations , talking to the speakers, the Author categorize the talks, subjects, and techniques. 

Techniques is one thing, the more fundmental meaning of the book is the science behind every technique. Each of these techniques are effective because they are based on how the brain works and how it proesses and remembers information.

Body lauguage, gestures, verbal deliver, photos, videos, surprises.... all these made up a great presentation. 

It's a Conversation, not a Speech.

about the Author Carmine Gallo

He is a communiations coach for the world's most admired brands. 

He is a popular keynote speaker who has worked with the well-know comapanies.

He analysis what the Audience are looking forward to; and how the Speaker shall talk to his audience.

He has an overview of what is a great Presentation made of.




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